The startup that made shopping for house plants easy

Adding a houseplant to your home can refresh your space and make it more welcoming. According to Greater Good Magazine, having a houseplant has also been linked to good mental health, creativity, and overall calmness.

But then you might ask yourself, what plant is suitable for my home? Magazines and blogs don’t really talk about this part as much, so you end up buying a plant that isn’t right for the environment you’re in.

Thankfully, plant enthusiasts Ron Radu and Nico Bartoli thought of a solution. They wanted to make owning plants less stressful and easy, so they created Léon & George.

It all started in 2016 by partnering with local plant growers, having to have mini-greenhouses to operate their services. Giving the right care and attention to a customer’s demands, they’ve scaled to a point where they no longer turn their homes into storage.

Customers really receive the full package when using this service. All they have to do is choose from a collection of plants and then pair it with a planter, or choose to shop by the benefits of the plant. In the end, you receive a package that includes; the plant, pot, wooden stand, and instructions about the plant.

Knowing exactly what you should do for your well-chosen-plant, taking care of it is easy. You also receive Weekly Plant Care Reminder emails that help you give more attention to how you are taking care of your plant. And if you have any questions about your plant, you can simply email a “plant doctor” at the address they give you after purchase.

If you’re living in a big city, busy life, or just don’t know much about plants, then this is the perfect help for you. With everything done for you, you can easily own the right houseplant and give your home the lift it needs.

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