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Get to Know PulseWare's Portfolio


Get To Know Our Portfolio


We use secondary, minutely, cumulative, and filtered models to extract data and report. It enables to determine abnormal situations with high accuracy.

Core Miner Software (Sun): 1st layer

Switch Miner Software (Saturn): 1st & 2nd layers

ATM Monitoring & Analyzing Software (Uranus): 1st, 2nd & 3rd layers

POS Monitoring & Analyzing Software (Pluto): 2nd, 3rd & 4th  layers


Get To Know Our Architecture


Our software's architecture involves data sources, staging, data warehouse, and reporting.


Core Miner Software


The Core Miner Software is designed and developed to:

Observe different business models in the context of the core banking system.

Review the bank’s core transactions and observe different business effects on the overall model of the bank’s core business.

A better understanding of the system’s state through classifying transactions.

Plan for improving the bank’s performance in techniques and business according to the statistical pattern of the bank’s core transactions.


Switch Miner Software


The Switch Miner Software is designed and developed to:

Observe quantity and quality status of E-payment and banking switch transactions.

Construct the business pattern of electronic transactions.

Observe the quality indicators based on ITIL standards such as availability, missed transactions, failures, channel status, etc.


  • Strategic reports.
  • Indicators for switch performance.
  • Show switch status at different time intervals.
  • Statistics of the switch operation by type and channel (issuer, acquirer, internal).

ATM Monitoring & Analyzing Software


The ATM Monitoring & Analyzing Software is designed and developed to:

Enhance the quality of ATM network services.

Provide statistics reports, quality measurement, and reward/penalty rate computation.

Enable online monitoring of the ATMs.


  • Report the history of ATMs status.
  • Show ATMs status  in different views.
  • Statistics for ATMs transactions and income.
  • Indicators for ATMs performance.
  • Sending SMS or E-mail for maintenance request.
  • Gathering three years of transaction data.
  • Scalable from 500,000 to more than 30 million transactions per day.
  • Cover up to 50 users in the “operating environment” and 100 users in the “experimental environment”.
  • Supports 6000 ATMs.

POS Monitoring & Analyzing Software


The POS Monitoring & Analyzing Software is designed and developed to:

Evaluate the POS network from the bank and payment company viewpoints.

Analyze transaction data, ACH or other settlement files, and environmental information of the banks and payment companies.

Represent the number of transactions, customer behavior, and PM/EM processes for POS.


  • Summary of POS transactions.
  • Show detailed information on POS terminals.
  • Show POS locations on the map.
  • Report transaction failures.
  • Show highly-performed POS terminals.